Strawberries Chocolate Bar 85g

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Sustainable Premium Bean to Bar Lök Dark Chocolate: 70% Fine Flavor Cacao with Strawberries

, it is said that strawberries and chocolate always go together, with this bark, you can take this mixture of flavors always with you, the freeze-drying keeps the flavor and preserves perfectly the strawberries that give that fruity flavor to our chocolate bark 70%.


Soziales Engagement & Fairer Handel
Soziales Engagement & Fairer Handel

Social commitment, fair trade: LÖK chocolate tells the story of the transformation and resurgence of regions that have historically been affected by violence and coca crops. Cocoa has become the pillar of agricultural transformation and peacebuilding in Colombia, being the first product of illicit crop substitution. Since its creation in 2014, LÖK has established a fair trade system, negotiating directly with agricultural cooperatives and paying a 20% quality premium on the international price of cocoa. Today, 1,300 farming families have discovered that cocoa is a profitable and different alternative to illicit crops. Environmental commitment: Lök leads the Cacao Bosques y Paz initiative, which promotes deforestation-free cocoa production models that integrate conservation, restoration, water resources, and sustainable use of forests in Colombia.

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